Cape Town's Best Beaches: A Local's Guide

Cape Town

Beach day with your besties? I got you! Cape Town beaches are the perfect canvas for creating unforgettable memories with your besties. So, grab your swimsuit, your squad, and get ready for a beach day that's as amazing as the views!

May 2024
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My Top Picks

Cape Town


  • Muizenberg Beach
  • Clifton Beach
  • Boulders Beach
  • Camps Bay
  • Tips on Safety
    BIPOC Friendly
    LGBTQIA+ Friendly
    Go in a group
    Visit Before Dark
    Great for Solo Travelers
    Don't Carry Valuables
    Safe for Walking
    Kids Friendly
    Safe Public Transport
    Safe for Solo Missions
    Pay Attention to Surroundings

    Additional Safety Information
    Keep an eye on your belongings and consider taking turns watching bags while swimming, especially if the beach is crowded!